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Rupert Idaho Real Estate

Considerations for Buying a Home for Sale In Rupert, Idaho

Rupert Idaho has some great things going for it, depending on what you are looking for. If you’re looking for a small town community, close to a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities then it just may be the right time for you to put an offer on one of the many houses for sale in Rupert, Idaho. Rupert has an estimated population of 5,769 people  so it is not very populated, providing an ideal place to set up a good home for a getaway from all the hustle and bustle of bigger cities.

You need a Rupert real estate agent & REALTOR® who knows the Mini-Cassia area well, understands what makes one area desirable (or not) compared to another area, who will work hard to help you find the right Rupert home for sale that fits within your budget, needs & wishes. If you’re selling your Rupert or Minidoka home, you need a Rupert real estate agent, who subscribes to the REALTOR® code of ethics who also has years of marketing experience to help you get your home in front fo the right people who want what you are selling.

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Ryan Amen - Rupert Real Estate Agent & REALTOR® with Idaho Property Quest

Heyburn Real Estate Agent - Realtor Ryan Amen

Selling Your Rupert Idaho Real Estate

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time in Rupert which I believe gives me a unique insight about what a home for sale in Rupert Idaho has to offer a homebuyer. Growing up, my grandparents on my moms side lived right about in the middle of Rupert, about a block away from Ridley’s (which used to be IGA back then) and a few blocks away from the square. After growing up & moving away from Mini-Cassia for a while, then coming back, I ended up living in Rupert for a time while my wife & I were just starting a family, this time about a mile out of town. I’ve had/have several relatives who also have lived & owned Rupert & Minidoka homes in and outside of town for many years. So, after spending a fair amount of time in Rupert, both in town & out, I’ve developed a bit of a liking for the city of Rupert.

Spending as much time as I have in Minidoka has helped me understand how nice living & owning a home in Rupert, Idaho could really be. There are a lot of recreational resources not far from Rupert. Throughout my life, Minidoka Dam & Lake Walcott State Park (which aren’t all that far away from Rupert) have always drawn me back time & time again for the recreation they offer. If you’ve been to Minidoka Dam & Lake Walcott State Park, you’ll know that there’s a frisbee golf course across the park and several access points to the river to fish from, not to mention boating ramps & ample parking to put in boats & jet skis. Lake Walcott State Park is a great recreational spot where I’ve acquired many great memories over the years, throughout childhood with my parents and as an adult with my own kids. I can only hope my kids will recall similar ones from the time I’ve spent with them there too.

Outside of the dam & park area, there’s the North & Southside canals in which some people in the area are privy to spots on those canals where fish can be caught & birds (like pheasants & ducks, sometimes even geese) can be hunted. I’ve had the privilege of growing up knowing of some of these places & spent many cold mornings jumping ducks off pools remaining in the canals as well as catching some pretty nice trout out of them when fuller.

Even-though Rupert is not a large town by any stretch of the imagination, there are some great things available the city has to offer beyond the outdoor recreation of state parks, etc. which are available in Minidoka. The city of Rupert always puts on a great firework show around the holidays & they really go all out with Christmas celebration for a town the size Rupert is. The square has always had some great, unique & classic businesses like Doc’s Pizza & the Drift Inn. Now you can even ice skate at the square during certain times of the year.

Text me anytime, shoot me an email or give me a call at 208-421-1731 to discuss selling your Rupert home today.

More About Rupert Realty

Schools Around Rupert:

The Rupert area offers a couple schools for most grades depending on where you live. All schools are part of Minidoka County Joint District:

  • Rupert Elementary School (Grades: K-5)
    Address: 202 18th St, Rupert, ID 83350
    Phone: (208) 436-9707
  • West Minico Middle School (Grades: 6-8)
    Address: 155 S 600 W, Paul, ID 83347
    Phone: (208) 438-5018
  • East Minico Middle School (Grades: 6-8)
    Address: 1805 H St, Rupert, ID 83350
    Phone: (208) 436-3178
  • Minico High School (Grades: 9-12), about half way between Paul and Rupert
    Address: 292 W 100 S, Rupert, ID 83350
    Phone: (208) 436-4721
  • Paul Elementary School (Grades: K-5)
    Address: 201 N 1st W St, Paul, ID 83347
    Phone: (208) 438-2211
  • Acequia Elementary School (Grades: K-5)
    Address: 360 N 350 E, Rupert, ID 83350
    Phone: (208) 436-6985
  • Heyburn Elementary School (Grades: K-5)
    Address: 1151 7th St, Heyburn, ID 83336
    Phone: (208) 679-2400
  • Mt. Harrison High School (Grades: 9-12, alternative high school)
    Address: 1431 17th St, Heyburn, ID 83336
    Phone: (208) 436-6252

The Rupert Job Market:

Like any other place, one of the primary concerns for a person looking to settle in an area is job opportunities available there. In Rupert, there are several possibilities for employment. Because there is so much agricultural activity in this area, it’s not hard to imagine that there tends to be several careers available in the area related to the ag industry. Working directly on a farm or ranch though isn’t the only option. There are several food processing facilities that take advantage of the food agriculture native to the area. I’ve worked at a few of these myself in the past. Eventhough things have changed over the years and even changed hands, places like Simplot in Heyburn, Magic Valley Foods (now Idahoan) & Kelley Bean in Rupert and of course the Sugar Factory (Almalgamated Sugar Co.) in Paul have served as decent paying, reliable employment options in this area for many years. Many of which continue to be good options for many.

Also stemming from our agriculture, are numerous positions that come up frequently in welding, truck driving, laborer, etc. According to Payscale.com, the average hourly rate in Rupert is $16.43.

Rupert Hospitals & Medical

Rupert does have a few options as far as Health facilities are concerned. You’ve got Minidoka Memorial Hospital and Family Health Services as well as a few other other independent specialists. Below are contact details for the hospital & Family Health Services:

  • Minidoka Memorial Hospital
    Address: 1224 8th St, Rupert, ID 83350
    Phone: (208) 436-0481
  • Family Health Services
    Address: 402 6th St, Rupert, ID 83350
    Phone: (208) 650-7941

The Weather Around Rupert Idaho:

The weather in Rupert isn’t much different than other surrounding areas but it does seem that often when Burley gets a little snow, Rupert tends to get a little more. The average Rupert climate through quartered months of the year in Rupert, Idaho is as follows:
January – Average Rupert Temperatures: 16 to 34 F
April – Average Rupert Temperatures: 32 to 60 F
July – Average Rupert Temperatures: 50 to 86 F
October – Average Rupert Temperatures: 30 to 63 F
Average Annual Precipitation: 9.8 inches

History of Rupert, Idaho

What’s always interesting to me is the details surrounding the settlement of these small Idaho towns we live in. According to CityTownInfo.com, Rupert was named after John Henry Rupert who was a Railroad worker who also delivered mail to settlers of the area. Rupert was officially incorporated on April 12, 1906. Rupert emerged after the announcement of the Minidoka Reclamation Project, Which provided irrigation and electricity following the completion of the Minidoka Dam in 1906. The dam was able to generate enough electricity that it allowed Rupert to become one of the first cities to have a street lighted by electricity.

Tourism in Rupert

Rupert is a beautiful place to be with numerous activities to do. You can go shopping in one of the nation’s largest boutique quilt shops, attend the weeklong Fourth of July celebration, go camping, boating & fishing at Lake Walcott State Park, rest your head at the stunningly renovated Drift Inn, or catch a show at the Historic Wilson Theatre (and so much more).

Text me anytime, shoot me an email or give me a call at 208-421-1731 to discuss your next Rupert real estate transaction today.

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